Join the Health Revolution!  Nutrino’s goal is to end the problem of conflicting nutritional advice and make healthy living easy for everyone everywhere.

According to Nutrino’s website their “proprietary technology addresses all the challenges of eating the right foods every day by adding personalization, intelligent, adaptive meal planning and ‘on-the-fly’ decision support to its meal discovery and recommendation engine.”


Cost: Free / in-app purchases

Platforms: iPhone


A Selection of Features:

Some features may differ between platforms and change as new versions become available.

  • A personalized and healthy daily menu based on your profile, habits, and lifestyle
  • Access to thousands of recipes based on your taste
  • Access to thousands of vegetarian recipes
  • Summary of your daily intake of Protein, Carbs, Fibre, and Fat
  • Add the daily recommendations to our shopping cart and build your grocery list
  • Educational features that will provide you with the best knowledge available in nutrition today
  • Share your daily menus with friends and family
  • Integration with Runkeeper, Fitbit, and Moves
  • Nutrino adapts to you in real-time, continuously improving its recommendations
  • Nutrino’s comprehensive assortment of dishes allows us to cater for everyone’s taste, from recipes, snacks, and even healthy meal recommendations in local restaurants
  • Nutrino requires minimal user interaction, and integrates with fitness and lifestyle sensors thus making it reliable and easy-to-use

Personal experience/Recommendations:

I’ve just started working with this app and like what I see thus far.  If you have any experience with Nutrino, let me know or leave a comment below.

Reviewed:  17 January 2014

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