Instant Heart Rate by Azumio

Measure your heart rate instantly using your phone’s camera to detect the pulse from your fingertip.  See every heart beat on the monitor.


Cost: free and paid versions

Platforms: iPhone and Android

Azumio Instant Heart Rate screenschots

A Selection of Features:

Some features may differ between platforms and change as new versions become available.

  • Heart pulse measurement
  • Real-time PPG graph
  • Continuous or Auto-Stop mode
  • Heart Rate Zones
  • Data storage and tags
  • Export data for registered users
  • Sharing to Twitter and Facebook

Personal experience/Recommendations:

I’ve used the Instant Heart Rate app (free version) for several weeks now and I give it a thumbs up.  It’s free, it’s simple, easy to use, and, when compared with my blood pressure/pulse rate monitor at home, the results are right on target.  I was prompted to download this app to work along side the Sleep Time app for checking my pulse rate just after waking up.  I check my pulse rate immediately after workouts just to keep an eye on things.  I have checked during workouts but it’s a bit harder to do while moving.

Several things to be aware of.  Even though you don’t need a built-in phone light to take measurements, it certainly helps.  Without the light you need a well-lighted room or good sun.  This is not a blood pressure monitor, just a pulse rate monitor.  Practice makes perfect.  You have to position your finger over the camera lens and the light, be relatively still, find the right amount of pressure, and be sure the lens is clean and not fogged up.  According to my doctor, pulse rates aren’t that big a deal unless you are really a conditioned athlete.  Not worthless, just not a major indicator of health.

That all being said, the Instant Heart Rate app is worth a download.

Reviewed:  18 December, 2013

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