Sleep Time by Azumio

How well did You sleep?  Can an app really help you to a better night’s sleep?  Azumio markets Sleep Time as an alarm clock that monitors and analyzes your sleep cycles to wake you up in the lightest sleep phase and then graphs your sleep cycles.


Cost: both a free and $1.99 version

Platforms: iPhone and Android

Sleep Time by Azumio screenshots

A Selection of Features:

Some features differ between free and paid versions.

  • Easy to set up and use – Each night you push two buttons then lay your phone face down next to or under your pillow.  In the morning hold down one button for two seconds and you’re done.
  • Track & Monitor – Tracks and displays waking, light, and deep/REM sleep, as well as tracking when you go to sleep and wake up, sleep duration, sleep efficiency, and with the Instant Heart Rate app, to be reviewed later, your wake-up heart rate.
  • Going to Sleep – Set the app to play a soundscape for a set period of time, waves crashing, crickets, etc.
  • Share – Share your results to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Alarm – easily set your Sleep Time alarm and decide within what time range you’d like to be woken up.  Sleep Time will attempt to wake you up during a light or an awake sleep cycle.

Personal experience/Recommendations:

I’ve used the free version of this app in tandem with the Instant Heart Rate app for several weeks now and I like it.  Whether or not it accurately measures your sleep cycles even with your spouse and a cat or two in the same bed may be beside the point.  For me the results on that account seem intriguing.  What I found most helpful and healthful was that for the first time I paid attention to when I went to bed and how long I  tried to sleep.  It was really eye-opening that my sleep patterns were erratic and how few hours I was even attempting to sleep.  I very quickly started readjusting my sleep and definitely have felt better for it.  It’s also interesting to check my pulse rate in the morning before I get out of bed.  The rest is icing on the cake for me.

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Reviewed: 22 November, 2013

Updated: 18 December 2013

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