Strava Cycling

Track your rides with GPS, analyze your performance, join Challenges and see how you stack up against friends.


Cost: free with in-app purchases

Platforms: iPhone and Android

Strava Cycling screenshots

A Selection of Features:

Some features may not be available with the free version

  • Track & Analyze – Track all your runs, rides and cross-training too. Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts. Requires sign in to free online Strava account.
  • Compare & Compete – Run or ride a segment (specific section of road or trail) and compare your effort against past efforts, as well as other athletes who’ve run or ridden the same segment. See where you rank and start moving up the leaderboards.  (requires a premium account)
  • Challenge Yourself – Join ongoing run and ride challenges to help you reach new goals and get ready for race day. Earn some great prizes too!
  • Monitoring – The app monitors and graphically displays your elevation, maximum elevation and total elevation gained.  It also shows a graph of your speed, noting average and maximum speed, all against a background of your elevation.  You can even follow your heart rate but you’ll have to purchase a heart monitor strap.
  • Share – Upload your stats to the Strava site as well as sharing to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and messaging.
  • Security – to protect yourself from letting the wrong sort see where and when you are at home or out on your expensive bike, there is a privacy feature that blanks out privacy zones for your protection.

Personal experience/Recommendations:

I’ve used this app for about 2 weeks now and I generally like it.  I ride for fitness not competitively so I don’t see the need to sign up for the premium features.  I like the layout and the online connectivity.  Even though you can post directly to Facebook from the mobile app, I’ve found that the results don’t show up in the Fitness section.  Results will show up in Fitness if you share from the website.  Also you can’t post a photo of your ride onto Facebook, just a map.  For a free app, this one works well for me.

On the Web:

Reviewed: 12 November, 2013

Updated: 14 November, 2013

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